Isoo Backup
Trusted backup software designed for Windows PC and Server users to backup & restore system, settings and applications.
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Windows Backup
Isoo Backup helps to safely backup Windows including system files, installed applications, boot sectors and customer settings to one image file so that you can restore computer when system slows down or fails to boot.
System Restore
Restore system from a previous backup image to solve system problems such as Blue Screen, OS cannot boot, virus infection, system instability, low running speed, system crash, system data loss, etc. without reinstalling Windows.
Partition Backup
Isoo Backup enables you to back up non-system partition/volume. All data on the selected drive will be packaged into a single image file so as to safeguare against data loss caused by partition corruption or accidental deletion.
Why Our Users Love Isoo?
  • The applocation can be added to the Windows boot menu, making it easier for you to restore a created OS image when computer cannot boot to system.
  • Isoo Backup is a good backup and restore solution for your operating system, providing a simple way to keep your files and folders safe.
"Isoo brings peace of mind to me and all users who are not proficient in computer skills. It is so easy to use that I can back up Windows 10 through very simple steps."


"Super application. It can backup laptop system to a single image file quickly and easily. I will always use this software. "


"This is the right backup software I've been looking for. The backup process is speedy and the image is smaller compared with other backup software."


"Really great product and solution! Isoo Backup present me with an effective backup tool which has successfully backed up Windows system for my PC. I'm no longer worried about system crash."


Version: Size: 24.3MB Updated: Oct 15, 2020
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Support to specify the number of CPU threads for compression.
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